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Here at the Broken Glass Podcast, we aim to provide truly objective analyses of current events, politics, and culture. Not succumbing to the increasingly polarizing left/right or liberal/conservative paradigm, we use satire, music, and journalism to paint an honest picture of our current state of affairs. Our goal is to educate while entertaining and maintain a platform for small businesses to reach an extremely engaged demographic. Best PDX Hip Hop & Political Podcasts Sean Harvey Broken Glass Media.

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Broken Glass Podcast – Episode 18 – Best Of Skits Vol.1

This week DJ RPM puts together the best of all the skits we've done so far. The Re'blood'pican, The Broken Glass Court, The PPP Network, and Shutdown Schumer to name a few. If you love the satirical portion of the show, this episode is for you.

Click Click, Bang Bang

Click. This week on the Broken Glass Podcast, we're talking about gun​​ laws. BANG! Unlike most firearm related conversations that quickly devolve into talking point shouting matches, we actually have an objective policy based discussion. Click. The most armed man in...

Broken Glass Podcast – Episode 16 – The R Word

In this episode, we have a candid discussion about the substantive differences between racism and bigotry. In an attempt to move the conversation forward, we try to lock down some firm definitions for the terms we so often use in today's political discourse. Also we...

Broken Glass Podcast – Episode 15 – Bama Bama No Bama

This episode we take a very different approach to covering the walking theological contradiction that is Roy Moore and his supporters. The Broken Glass Court Room is back in session, and the first round of the BGP Awards 2017 commences. Also, Dj RPM ends the show with...

Broken Glass Podcast – Episode 14 – The Sit Down with Jae Lava, J Burns, And Zito

Portland's own Jae Lava, J Burns, and Zito stopped by the Broken Glass Studios this week for the Sit Down. We had a great discussion about fatherhood, their current projects, and debate some classic hip hop feuds. Also Jae Lava talks about his upcoming battle on Jan...

BGP Gladiator School – 2 – Vocab, Jae Lava, J Burns, Zito Part1-3

Stepping into the arena this month to show and prove, we have Jae Lava, J Burns and Zito. This legendary Portland line up puts on for the city like only they can. Add Vocab and that's four artists, three beats, and one mic. Let the games begin!   BGP Gladiator...

Broken Glass Podcast – 13 – Noah Schultz Interview

Today on the ​Broken Glass Podcast, we have the pleasure of interviewing the inspirational activist Noah Schultz!!! He is the subject of the award winning upcoming documentary, Perception - From Prison To Purpose. We have a candid conversation about his journey...

BGP Radio – 2 – Ice Cube Tribute

DJ RPM is back on the 1's and 2's this week with a classic tribute to one of the best to ever do it... Ice Cube. Roll your windows down, turn your systems up, and ride out to BGP Radio this weekend. All the cool kids are doing it, so what are you waiting for?

BGP Radio – 1 – ATCQ Tribute

This week, DJ RPM commandeers the show and brakes out the turntables for a classic throwback mix. Throw on a fly outfit, make sure your car is clean, and ride out to the sounds of A Tribe Called Quest all week. You're welcome.

Broken Glass Podcast – Episode 12 – Smile For Your Mugshot

This week, we take a look at the explosive revelations from the indictments handed down by Robert Mueller. Also, Vocab sits in on a White House press briefing, and we bookmark some need to know facts about the Trump/Russia connection. The Broken Glass Court is now in...

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