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Here at the Broken Glass Podcast, we aim to provide truly objective analyses of current events, politics, and culture. Not succumbing to the increasingly polarizing left/right or liberal/conservative paradigm, we use satire, music, and journalism to paint an honest picture of our current state of affairs. Our goal is to educate while entertaining and maintain a platform for small businesses to reach an extremely engaged demographic. Best PDX Hip Hop & Political Podcasts Sean Harvey Broken Glass Media.

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BGP – Ep 31 – If The Shoe Fits, BURN IT + Hussein Al-Baiaty Part 2

This week, fan favorite character and gun enthusiast Johnny Buckshot returns to the podcast to express his unbridled southern RAGE at Nike for soliciting the assistance of Colin Kaepernick in the "DESTRUCTION OF AMERICA". Vocab and D.J R.P.M have a discussion about...

BGP – Ep 30 – The Enemy Of The Statesman + Hussein Al-Baiaty pt.1

This week on the Broken Glass Podcast, we remember the legacy of one of the last true Statesman in the G.O.P, John McCain. A task that is truly impossible to do without comparing his way of governing to the rhetoric, tone, and tenner of the Republican party of today....

BGP Radio – Micheal Jackson Mix

It's a long weekend, and you know what that means.... DJ R.P.M is back on the wheels of steel for another classic mix, this time paying tribute to the birthday boy and greatest to ever do it, Michael Jackson. Play this at the bbq and put it on repeat, then sit back...

BGP – Ep 29 – Identity Theft

This week we break down the rhetoric around the concept of Identity Politics. We talk about the explosive revelations surrounding the Catholic Church in Pennsylvania, and the Canadian Anger Translator makes an appearance to respond to the beef with Saudi Arabia.

BGP – Ep 28 – Raw And Uncut

WARNING. THIS EPISODE IS FOR ADULTS ONLY. This week DJ R.P.M takes over the show once again but this time he's not spinning records. Instead, he's giving you an exclusive look at some of the content that didn't make it off the cutting room floor. From the stuff that...

BGP – EP 27 – Broken Laughs + Lance Edward

This week, instead of doing the obvious and focusing on Trump's meeting with Putin or the leaking of Michael Cohen's secret tapes, we decided to have some fun. We examine some of the quirkier stories of the week including a Georgia State Rep screaming the "N" word (A...

BGP – Ep 26 – Murica + Roulette Delgado

This week on the Broken Glass Podcast we celebrate America in all it's glorious America-ness. The good, the bad and everything in between. We try to have an objective conversation about patriotism and anti-American sentiment and attempt to define the terms. Vocab...

BGP Exclusive – Zito ‘Pick A Side’ Video Release Interview ft. Yung Mil and Macc Milliaon

This week we have an EXCLUSIVE sit down with Zito, Yung Mil, and Macc Milliaon to discuss the release of the hottest video in the Northwest 'Pick A Side'. Created by Aeon Visual, this video has been averaging over 1,000 views a day and climbing. It's more than your...

Broken Glass Radio – 4th Of July 2018 Mix

It's America's birthday ya'll, and you know what that means... Dj R.P.M has taken over the show and it's time for a CLASSIC mix. It doesn't matter if you're in the car or at a bbq, it's going down on the 1's and 2's. So turn your windows down and your system up and...

BGP – Ep 25 – Good Trump, Bad Trump + Mellenium

This week we talk about the good and bad of President Trump's behavior on the international stage. Justin Trudeau's Anger Translator makes his debut on the podcast, and Vocab sits down with Mellenium for a lively interview.

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