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Here at the Broken Glass Podcast, we aim to provide truly objective analyses of current events, politics, and culture. Not succumbing to the increasingly polarizing left/right or liberal/conservative paradigm, we use satire, music, and journalism to paint an honest picture of our current state of affairs. Our goal is to educate while entertaining and maintain a platform for small businesses to reach an extremely engaged demographic. Best PDX Hip Hop & Political Podcasts Sean Harvey Broken Glass Media.

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BGP – EP 56 – Twitter Fingers + Marshall Law Band

This week on the Broken Glass Podcast we start off by asking a question.  What would it sound like if Barack Obama acted like, tweeted like, and spoke like Donald Trump does now?  To answer that question we created one of our finest pieces of satire yet with our...

BGP – EP 55 – I Relinquish My Time + Astor Chambers Pt 3

This episode of the Broken Glass Podcast we breakdown both the impact, and lack thereof, of Robert Mueller's live testimony in front of Congress.  Also, in part 3 of Vocab's conversation with Astor Chambers, Astor tells the absolutely hilarious and adorable story...

BGP – Ep 54 – Love It Or Leave It + Astor Chambers Pt 2

This week on the Broken Glass Podcast we address the controversy between the President, his supporters, and the "Squad", in an objective and unique way.  With full knowledge that any criticism of Trump will undoubtedly be dismissed as partisan, we decided to...

BGP – EP 53 – Mistaken Identity + Astor Chambers Pt 1

This week on the Broken Glass Podcast we take a break from politics to have some fun with one of the more ridiculous stories of the week, the outrage over the casting of The Little Mermaid. Yup, grown ass men seem to be SUPER upset about the ethnicity of a character...

BGP Radio – 4th Of July Mix 2019

It's America's birthday ya'll, and you know what that means... Dj RPM has taken over the show and it's time for a CLASSIC mix.  It doesn't matter if you're in the car or at a bbq, it's going down on the 1's and 2's.  So turn your windows down and your system...

BGP – Ep 52 – Anatomy Of A Lie Pt 2 + Hood Nurse Pt 2

This week on the Broken Glass Podcast we continue our analysis of the pathological nature of deception coming out of the current administration.  From the absolutely absurd lies about his father's birth place, to the significantly more consequential.  We lay...

BGP – EP 51 – Anatomy Of A Lie + The Hood Nurse Part 1

This week it's back to politics for the BGP!  We take a look at a specific political figure and start our analysis with a particularly ridiculous lie.  Then we go back exactly 35 years to begin to establish a pattern of behavior that is pretty...

BGP – EP 50 – Fifty Questions

This week we celebrate our milestone 50'th episode!!! To commemorate the occasion we decided to switch roles and have special guest host Shadow interview Vocab and DJ RPM. It's a dope, introspective look at how the Broken Glass Podcast grew from a dollar and a dream,...

BGP – EP 49 – Best Of Skits 2 + Perry Porter

This week is absolutely a must listen.  It's our second Best Of Skits episode!!!  Fans of the show know that the skits we do here at the Broken Glass Podcast are what truly make our show one of a kind.  We're extremely proud of all the different...

BGP – EP 48 – Tinfoil Fitteds

This week on the Broken Glass Podcast we're talking about hip hop conspiracy theories.  Upon the untimely death of rapper/mogul Nipsey Hussle, a slew of accusations emerged.  Suspects ranged from pharmaceutical company hit-men, to the Federal Government, to the LAPD. ...

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