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Here at the Broken Glass Podcast, we aim to provide truly objective analyses of current events, politics, and culture. Not succumbing to the increasingly polarizing left/right or liberal/conservative paradigm, we use satire, music, and journalism to paint an honest picture of our current state of affairs. Our goal is to educate while entertaining and maintain a platform for small businesses to reach an extremely engaged demographic. Best PDX Hip Hop & Political Podcasts Sean Harvey Broken Glass Media.

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BGP – Ep 101 – Wanda Vision

This week we take a look at the story from an alternate reality that took place in a giant red bubble that was broadcasted across television screens all over the world, also we talk about the TV show Wanda Vision (Major spoiler alert if you haven't seen the show...

BGP – Ep 100 – The 100th Episode Celebration

This week the Broken Glass Podcast Turns 100!!! It's time to break out the Bengay, pop in our best pair of dentures and take a double shot of viagra because tonight we're going out on top! This episode is full of special guests, previous guests, and guests not yet...

BGP – Ep 99 – Fifth Ave = Capitol Building + Dboi LTD pt 2

Remember when Donald Trump said he could "shoot someone in the middle of 5th Ave and not lose a single supporter"? Well we now know he wasn't that far off at all. We explore the fact that while his popularity is at an all time low around the country and the world,...

BGP – Ep 98 – Has Anyone Seen Q? + Dboi Ltd

Has anyone seen Q?! HAS ANYONE HEARD FROM Q?! This week we discuss what quite possibly may be the dumbest, most consistently incorrect, disconnected from reality, tinfoil hat wearing cult in the history of America. Q Anon set itself apart from other similar movements...

BGP – Ep 97 – Insurrectile Dysfunction + Jessie Sponberg

Is your insurrection flaccid, ineffective, useless? Did you try to storm your way into another term, only to walk directly into another impeachment? DId you start the day full of life but end the day responsible for 5 deaths. Are your most devoted supporters rotting...

BGP – Ep 96 – I Told You This Would Happen

We told you something EXACTLY like this was inevitable! To prove it, we revisit a portion of episode 85 we did in September titled The Not So Civil War. There's been an obvious pattern of violence around Donald Trump that has been prevalent ever since the campaign....

BGP – Ep 95 – Best Of Skits Vol 4

This week we bring in the New Year looking at some of the best skits we did in the 2020 including Obama Trump, Donny Trumptana, Johnny Buckshot and the Canadian Anger Translator.

BGP – Ep 94 – Two Presidents One Cup

This episode we discuss the inevitability that after January 20th we will have two Presidents. One President will control the Army, Navy, Air Force, CIA, NSA, DHS, FBI, ATF, the Justice Department, and the Space Force. The other will control a twitter page and the...

BGP – Ep 93 – The Man Of Steal

It's over, yet again. For the second time in a week the Supreme Court has rejected the Trump campaign's final effort to overturn the election in the courts. The Electoral College will vote today to elect Joe Biden President Of The United States of America and then...

BGP – Ep 92 – The Beginning Of The End Pt 3

This week we talk about the epidemic of Republican on Republican violence sweeping the nation. From Republican voters sending death threats to Republican election officials, to caravans of Trump supporters circling the homes Republican election officials, to the...

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