This episode confronts the incredibly awkward reality that Liz Cheney seems to have the biggest and possibly only pair of testicles left in the GOP (which actually makes sense since she does have a Dick for a father). While the other mostly male members voted behind closed doors in an anonymous voice vote while sitting down to pee, Liz Cheney stood up in front of the toilet and took questions like a big boy as the other members ran for the elevators dodging questions. What was the great scandal that caused a member of this conservative political dynasty to fall from grace you ask? Was it a sex scandal? Criminal investigation? Lying about weapons of mass destruction? Photos with Jeffrey Epstein? No, she simply refused to lie about the 2020 election… that’s it… seriously. We also recap some of the best moments from the Joe Rogan Podcast with Dave Chappelle and discuss ways we can all be better Americans.

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