This episode we pose some very simple questions for the country.  If you’re (The Republican Party) defending someone (Steve King) against calls of racism for 16 years straight, and then on year 16 you (The Republican Party) end up calling for that same person (Steve King) to resign because of racist remarks… WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT SAY ABOUT YOU?!…  But for real though.  What does that say about your judgement?  Your ideology?  You’re character?  Shit, what does that say about your skills of deduction???  Also, The Black Mannequin himself Bryan Walden stops by for part 2 of our interview, where he explains why he approaches his business with a hustlers motivation and style.  He also gives us some fashion does and don’ts for the new year.  Number 1 fashion “do”, go to right now to get your drip!

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