This week is absolutely a must listen.  It’s our second Best Of Skits episode!!!  Fans of the show know that the skits we do here at the Broken Glass Podcast are what truly make our show one of a kind.  We’re extremely proud of all the different characters, impressions, accents, songs, and incredibly questionable artistic decisions that go into making these sketches.  If this episode doesn’t entertain you, it’s because you’re stupid and that’s your problem, not ours.  Also, Vocab has the pleasure of sitting down with one of Seattle’s most talented artists Perry Porter.  Trust us when we say we don’t use the word “artist” lightly in reference to Mr. Porter.  He’s a rapper with a razor sharp wit, a creator of music videos both in front and behind the camera, and one of the most prolific painters in the Northwest art scene.  Enjoy.

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