This week on the Broken Glass Podcast we take a break from politics to have some fun with one of the more ridiculous stories of the week, the outrage over the casting of The Little Mermaid. Yup, grown ass men seem to be SUPER upset about the ethnicity of a character in a children’s movie… So there’s that.  Then, as if right on cue, the Broken Glass Podcast get’s an exclusive look at the newest hero to hit the airwaves, Black Superman. Also, Vocab has the absolute pleasure of sitting down with Adidas Senior Director Of Statement Astor Chambers (@astor_aka_ac). Mr Chambers has quietly resided in a front row seat to some of the biggest moments in hip hop history. He’s seen the rise and fall of several of the most iconic brands in music and fashion, and helped shape the influence of the biggest artists on the world at both Nike and Adidas.  If you like fashion, music, family, or food, this is an interview will not want to miss!

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