This week on the Broken Glass Podcast we address the controversy between the President, his supporters, and the “Squad”, in an objective and unique way.  With full knowledge that any criticism of Trump will undoubtedly be dismissed as partisan, we decided to exclusively use Republican critiques instead.  We also take a minute to examine the not so distant history of the terms  “love it or leave it / get out of our country”.  SPOILER ALERT, they’ve already been trademarked by a certain cross wielding cross section of America.  Then it’s time for part 2 of Vocab’s interview with Adidas Senior Directer Of Statement Astor Chambers.  In this part of the conversation Mr Chambers breaks down his journey from student to fixture in the world of apparel step by step.  Any and every young hustler should listen to this portion of the interview for a little piece of the blueprint.

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