We’re back baby!  It’s our first episode of the new year and we’re off to a bang… literally.  Iran and the United States started off the week trading explosions like mean tweets.  While most of the media has been focusing on that last week of events seemingly in a vacuum, we’ve chosen to take a much broader view of the conflict and trace it to its origin.  Since the Trump administration used the Authorization Of Military Force passed in 2002 to grant the Bush administration permission to invade Iraq (cuz that worked out so well for everybody) to kill the Iranian General Soleimani in Iraq 18 years later, we decided to start there.  We work our way from the beginning of the Iraq war, to “Mission Accomplished” 3 weeks later, to the Iraqi civil war, to the birth of ISIS, to the Iran Nuclear Deal, to the pulling out of the Iran deal, to our current predicament.  Needless to say, Bruce Banner was right, “Were stuck in a time loop!  This is exactly where it went wrong last time!”.

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