Keeping our discussion in line with the last 3 episodes, this week we start in on the most divisive term in America today, “systemic racism”.  Most of the discussions on this topic on mainstream news outlets usually devolve relatively quickly into debates on whether or not systemic racism is real or not.  Instead of wasting time debating, we instead spend our time defining.  So that in the future when we use the term, you the listener will know exactly what we’re referring to.  We identify 10 aspects of American society that are objectively rooted in obviously racist legislation and policy.  Because we are not your typical show and we’re dedicated to giving each important issue we discuss it’s deserved time, we only get to 5 points.  So enjoy part 1 of what hopefully is fruitful conversation that will allow you to move forward much more informed on the topic so many people refuse to acknowledge is even real.

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