This week on the podcast we take a critical eye to the Democratic nominee for president Joe Biden.  Donald Trump has done some truly disastrous interviews in the last 3 weeks that prompted our undivided attention.  Then last week as if right on que, Joe Biden said “hold my beer”…  We not only have a discussion about the gaffs and brain freezes of good old Joe, we also take a look back to the 1970s and shine a light on some of the extremely problematic things (you might not know) he had to say about race and desegregation.  To close out the summer as we take the rest of the month off, we talk about the reopening of schools and America’s continued battle with science and better judgement, even as it relates to children and the elderly.  We also introduce a new character Donny Trash, a country singer that keeps it real AF when it comes to politics.  See y’all in September!

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