Last week we told you exactly how this thing was going to play out, did we not? Biden was going to win and Trump was going to claim the Democrats stole it… duh. We also said, the thing to watch closely was what Trump did when he inevitably lost in court. Well those days have come and gone and Trump still hasn’t acknowledged the fact that he lost. So what now? The end of the Trump administration or democracy as we know it? Your guess is as good as ours.
This week we breakdown the claims of voter fraud by the President. Then we ask the question, why are conservatives always getting outsmarted in their conspiracy theories? Why can’t they ever crack the case and make an arrest? I mean, Donald Trump couldn’t even keep his affairs secret and he actually paid $150,000 in an attempt to do just that. Not to mention his lawyer went to jail as a result. So why is it that since Trump has been President multiple members of his campaign have been arrested convicted and jailed, his lawyer jailed, his former Chief Strategist Steve Bannon was just arrested (all by his own administration), but not a single Democrat has been arrested in the BIGGEST ELECTION FRAUD IN THE HISTORY OF THE COUNTRY? Spoiler alert, if your answer is that the Democrats secretly control everything, you’re proving our point.

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