It’s over, yet again. For the second time in a week the Supreme Court has rejected the Trump campaign’s final effort to overturn the election in the courts. The Electoral College will vote today to elect Joe Biden President Of The United States of America and then it’ll be over for the 60th time. Donald Trump will have turned 1 loss into 60 losses and dragged our country into the darkest period of democracy since the Civil War. Over 70% percent of Republican’s believe the election was stolen by the deep state, George Soros, the Rupublican led courts, the Republican led Justice Department, The Republican Governor of Georgia, and Steve Rogers also known as Captain America.
So this week we talk about the ridiculous fact that we’re watching a President try to steal an election over and over again, failing miserably while accusing the other side of successfully stealing it with little difficulty. All the while driving what will probably be a generational wedge between Americans during a pandemic that is killing a 9/11 worth of people everyday last week (over 3000 deaths a day) to a Pandemic that New Zealand has totally eradicated without a vaccine. What could go wrong?

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