We told you something EXACTLY like this was inevitable! To prove it, we revisit a portion of episode 85 we did in September titled The Not So Civil War. There’s been an obvious pattern of violence around Donald Trump that has been prevalent ever since the campaign. This outcome was predictable to anyone that has traveled outside the US or has roots in a third world country as I do. And yes, that violence was very specific to Donald Trump. Because unlike every other politician in the modern era that has learned the hard lessons from America’s history of political assassinations, Donald J Trump cheered on the violence at his rallies and even offered to pay the lawyer fees of his supporters if they assaulted protesters. The escalation was as natural as bird flight, the outcome as predictable as rain in the Northwest. The time to stand up was then, it’s too late now. Movements like this never really die once they gain enough momentum. That’s why the swastika and confederate flag are still here long after their creators have failed and passed on. The MAGA hat and the Trump flag will live just as long and appear at the same places as the swastika and confederate flag for as long as this country stands. Those who do not understand their history are bound to repeat it. This is not our first rodeo.

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