Has anyone seen Q?! HAS ANYONE HEARD FROM Q?! This week we discuss what quite possibly may be the dumbest, most consistently incorrect, disconnected from reality, tinfoil hat wearing cult in the history of America. Q Anon set itself apart from other similar movements from the beginning. Instead of operating on the fringes they became fully immersed in conservative politics developing a true cult-like love for Donal Trump, while being welcomed with open arms by Trump and Republican party as a whole, even getting one of their own elected to congress. However on January 20th of this year a strange thing happened, literally every single prediction, every single theory, every single hair brained proclamation were all proven false! Every… single… one. Nothing they said was going to happen, happened. So we laugh for 30 minutes straight because let’s face it, they were just the worst. Then Vocab welcomes special guest Dboi LTD to the podcast to discuss how he managed to create the Dutch Brothers anthem and the Portland Trailblazers official anthem, all the while dropping a full album every year for the last 4 years.

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