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BGP – EP 58 – Just Kickin' It (Sneaker Week PDX & Laced Up PDX)
This week we're doing something different and podcasting live on location from 2 of Portland's dopest yearly events Sneaker Week PDX and Laced Up PDX. Vocab has the pleasure of doing on the spot interviews with some of the cities best and brightest including Issa, Brittain and Kayla from the Village Vibes Podcast, Zito, Mighty, Jamn 1075's Diana Hryciw, Artist BTW3, and David Jefferson of Stackin Kickz.

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BGP Radio – Labor Day Mix 2019
This holiday weekend DJ RPM takes over the show once again with another dope mix for y’all to barbecue to. Old school classics with some new school fire sprinkled in is exactly what you need to kick your Labor Day function off right. Well we got you. So turn up and turn out with your friends at the Broken Glass Podcast and have a safe weekend.
BGP 57
BGP – EP 57 – Facts, Fiction & Stranger Things + Marshal Law Band
This week on Portland's Best podcast (just in case you forgot) we talk about the after effects of last week's mass shooting spree. Instead of wasting our time doing silly things like offering solutions to the uniquely American problem of getting shot to death in public places by a fellow American with a small penis, we instead have a discussion about the real threat to safety in this country... video games and movies. Then Vocab sits down for part 2 of his interview with the Marshal Law Band where they have some fun, vibe out to some of their new music, talk about some real issues effecting Seattle, and play a new game called Finish That Line.
BGP 56 (1)
BGP – EP 56 – Twitter Fingers + Marshall Law Band
This week on the Broken Glass Podcast we start off by asking a question. What would it sound like if Barack Obama acted like, tweeted like, and spoke like Donald Trump does now? To answer that question we created one of our finest pieces of satire yet with our newest character Obama-Trump. Then we talk about the conflict between Donald Trump and Representative Elijah Cummings, and the obvious implications of the Presidents latest round twitter roller derby. Our special quest this week The Marshall Law band comes straight outta Seattle Washington. Stopping through on the Oregon leg of their west coast tour, the band showed up 14 deep at the studio and took over the Broken Glass Podcast like it was a stickup! Checkout part 1 of our interview now!
Mueller Testifies On Investigation Into Election Interference Before House Committees
BGP – EP 55 – I Relinquish My Time + Astor Chambers Pt 3
This episode of the Broken Glass Podcast we breakdown both the impact, and lack thereof, of Robert Mueller's live testimony in front of Congress. Also, in part 3 of Vocab's conversation with Astor Chambers, Astor tells the absolutely hilarious and adorable story of how he got together with his amazingly talented and beautiful wife, Emmy Award winning television personality and radio DJ Tra'Renee... Yes, that Tra'Renee. However, after this episode you will know her by another name. Tune in to find out what it is!
BGP 53 square
BGP – Ep 54 – Love It Or Leave It + Astor Chambers Pt 2
This week on the Broken Glass Podcast we address the controversy between the President, his supporters, and the "Squad", in an objective and unique way. With full knowledge that any criticism of Trump will undoubtedly be dismissed as partisan, we decided to exclusively use Republican critiques instead. We also take a minute to examine the not so distant history of the terms "love it or leave it / get out of our country". SPOILER ALERT, they've already been trademarked by a certain cross wielding cross section of America. Then it's time for part 2 of Vocab's interview with Adidas Senior Directer Of Statement Astor Chambers. In this part of the conversation Mr Chambers breaks down his journey from student to fixture in the world of apparel step by step. Any and every young hustler should listen to this portion of the interview for a little piece of the blueprint.
BGP 53
BGP – EP 53 – Mistaken Identity + Astor Chambers Pt 1
This week on the Broken Glass Podcast we take a break from politics to have some fun with one of the more ridiculous stories of the week, the outrage over the casting of The Little Mermaid. Yup, grown ass men seem to be SUPER upset about the ethnicity of a character in a children’s movie… So there’s that. Then, as if right on cue, the Broken Glass Podcast get’s an exclusive look at the newest hero to hit the airwaves, Black Superman. Also, Vocab has the absolute pleasure of sitting down with Adidas Senior Director Of Statement Astor Chambers (@astor_aka_ac). Mr Chambers has quietly resided in a front row seat to some of the biggest moments in hip hop history. He’s seen the rise and fall of several of the most iconic brands in music and fashion, and helped shape the influence of the biggest artists on the world at both Nike and Adidas. If you like fashion, music, family, or food, this is an interview will not want to miss!
BGP Radio 4th
BGP Radio – 4th Of July Mix 2019
It's America's birthday ya'll, and you know what that means... Dj RPM has taken over the show and it's time for a CLASSIC mix. It doesn't matter if you're in the car or at a bbq, it's going down on the 1's and 2's. So turn your windows down and your system up, and celebrate Lady Liberty's birthday with Broken Glass Radio. Happy 4th!!!
BGP 52
BGP – Ep 52 – Anatomy Of A Lie Pt 2 + Hood Nurse Pt 2
This week on the Broken Glass Podcast we continue our analysis of the pathological nature of deception coming out of the current administration. From the absolutely absurd lies about his father's birth place, to the significantly more consequential. We lay out an objective, non partisan play-by-play of a truly unique assault on reality. The Canadian Anger Translator stops to by to celebrate the Toronto Raptor's NBA final's victory the only way he knows how. Also Vocab sits down for part 2 of his inspiring interview with high school drop out turned honor student, the Hood Nurse.
BGP 51 (1)
BGP – EP 51 – Anatomy Of A Lie + The Hood Nurse Part 1
This week it's back to politics for the BGP! We take a look at a specific political figure and start our analysis with a particularly ridiculous lie. Then we go back exactly 35 years to begin to establish a pattern of behavior that is pretty unmistakable. We explore the real world current day effects of these lies, and ponder how this pattern will play a role in our future. The Canadian Anger Translator also stops by to show his undying support for his hometown Toronto Raptors as they take on the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals. Then Vocab sit's down with The Hood Nurse for part 1 of a dope interview where he tells his incredible story of going from a high school drop out, to an honer student and full time Registered Nurse. His efforts to bring positivity and medical literacy to the hip hop community are truly inspiring.
BGP – 50
BGP – EP 50 – Fifty Questions
This week we celebrate our milestone 50'th episode!!! To commemorate the occasion we decided to switch roles and have special guest host Shadow interview Vocab and DJ RPM. It's a dope, introspective look at how the Broken Glass Podcast grew from a dollar and a dream, to the #1 political and music podcast in the Northwest. From the first episode to the fiftieth, cheers to everyone who came along for the ride, and here's to fifty more!
BGP 49 clayton-bigsby-chappelle
BGP – EP 49 – Best Of Skits 2 + Perry Porter
This week is absolutely a must listen. It's our second Best Of Skits episode!!! Fans of the show know that the skits we do here at the Broken Glass Podcast are what truly make our show one of a kind. We're extremely proud of all the different characters, impressions, accents, songs, and incredibly questionable artistic decisions that go into making these sketches. If this episode doesn't entertain you, it's because you're stupid and that's your problem, not ours. Also, Vocab has the pleasure of sitting down with one of Seattle's most talented artists Perry Porter. Trust us when we say we don't use the word "artist" lightly in reference to Mr. Porter. He's a rapper with a razor sharp wit, a creator of music videos both in front and behind the camera, and one of the most prolific painters in the Northwest art scene. Enjoy.
Screen Shot 2019-04-29 at 8.09.44 AM
BGP – EP 48 – Tinfoil Fitteds
This week on the Broken Glass Podcast we're talking about hip hop conspiracy theories. Upon the untimely death of rapper/mogul Nipsey Hussle, a slew of accusations emerged. Suspects ranged from pharmaceutical company hit-men, to the Federal Government, to the LAPD. We respectfully explore all these ideas, as well as revisit some of the conspiracy theories around the death of Tupac Shakur... Spoiler alert, we know who killed Tupac!.... Seriously.
420 Episode Image
BGP – EP 47 – 420 Edition with Matt Newell & Lance Edward
It's time for our second annual 420 episode! This week, owner of Botanical Labs (Oregon's number 1 cannibus extract company) Matt Newell, and the hottest comedian in Portland Lance Edward, sit down for a hilarious discussion about all things Mary Jane. Memories of past 420s, greatest movies to watch stoned, best albums to listen to high. You name it, we break it down. We also talk about what the future holds for the legalized cannibus industry, and the evolution of the comedy scene in the Northwest..... Wait.... What were we just talking about? Oh ya, HAPPY 420 people!!!
Screen Shot 2019-04-12 at 9.57.28 AM
Bonus Glass – Jamn 107.5 NW Breakout Show Interview
This week Vocab switches roles from interviewer to interviewee when he stops by JAMN 107.5's studios to have a 1 on 1 sit down with Juma Blaq from the Northwest Breakout. They discuss everyithing going on with the Broken Glass Podcast, as well as Cardi B's latest controversy, and the current state of Portland hip hop. Not to mention this interview was recorded the same day as Nipsey Hussle's passing, so both Juma and Vocab were forced to confront the news live on air.
BGP – EP 46 – Gone Too Soon + Romaro Franceswa Part 2
This week we mourn the tragic loss of rapper, actor, community activist, and entrepreneur Nipsey Hussle. Instead of focusing on his death, we chose to focus on his truly unique life, and attempt to explain to everyone (even those that never heard his music) why his death has devastated so many. In part 2 of our interview with Romaro Franceswa he breaks down the stories behind some of his most successful records. Then he takes the audience through a tour of Seattle, all the places you need to go, and some you should avoid. R.I.P to a real one.
BGP – EP 45 – Mueller Light + Romaro Franceswa Pt 1
This week we talk about William Barr's summary, of the Robert Mueller summary, of the Mueller report (which we still haven't seen), about Russian interference in the 2016 election. We break down the good, the bad, and extremely ugly facts presented in Barr's summary. Our resident redneck Johnny Buckshot stops by to celebrate what he see's as the total exoneration of every negative accusation ever made against his dear leader Donald Trump. Then Vocab sits down with one the biggest artists from Seattle Romaro Franceswa. They talk about his childhood and how fatherhood has motivated his grind to be one of the most recognizable figures in the Northwest music scene.
BGP – EP 44 – Surviving Neverland
This week we dive head first into the not so shocking content of HBO's hard hitting documentary Leaving Neverland. Guest host Shadow join's the show and brings a fresh perspective to the conversation, including bravely opening up about his own experience with sexual abuse. Then we debate whether or not "muting" Michael Jackson is the right thing to do, or is that just one "woke" step too far.
BGP – EP 43 – Live From The NW Black Comedy Festival
This week we are Podcasting live from the 3rd annual NW Black Comedy Festival. BGP was blessed with the opportunity to bring out four of the hottest comedians in the city. So sit back, relax, and enjoy live performances from Hyjinx, Rissa Riss, Carter Anderson, and Lance Edward. Also Vocab sits down with each of the comedians for some hilarious Q&A's you won't want to miss.
BGP – Ep 42 – Pants On Fire + S. Loyal
This week on the Broken Glass Podcast we breakdown the Jussie Smollett fiasco from start to finish. We analyse both the hoax, and the hysteria surrounding the event from an objective, non political, but hilarious perspective. Then we discuss the current state of R. Kelly's disgusting situation and wish him all the worst. The Canadian Anger Translator stops by to show support for Trumps national emergency, and new addition to the show Luther Strongback presents This Week In Black History. Then we go #Viral with S. Loyal as he breaks down what it's like being the last of a dying breed, and gives some dope behind the scenes stories about life on the road.
BGP – Ep 41 – Previously Unbroken + Samuel The 1st + BrenBoy
Vocab had to take the week off to snitch on Tekashi 69, so your friendly neighborhood DJ RPM has taken over the show once again. This week he's releasing some previously unreleased Broken Glass content. We take it back to 2018 for a segment on the rash of people referring to prominent black figures as monkeys. Then, we share previously unreleased interviews with Samuel The 1st and BrenBoy. Don't forget to checkout Samuel The 1st new video Bulleit,
BGP – EP 40 – When Keeping It Lib Goes Wrong + S. Loyal
Last week we went a little hard on the G.O.P's whole R word problem. So this week we decided spread the pain and smack the Left around a little bit. We talk about 3 recent instances where the libs maybe, just maybe, took it a tad too far. Brain Bleed aka The Rebloodpican gets put on notice by the newest player to enter the political fray, Cernie Canders aka The Democrip. Then Vocab sits down with the Viral man himself S. Loyal, as he tells the crazy story about how he took a beat originally meant for his daughter to rap on, (but she wasn't feeling it) and turned it into one of the biggest hit records ever to come out of the Portland area.
BGP – EP 39 – The White Ultimatum + Part 2 Black Mannequin
This episode we pose some very simple questions for the country. If you're (The Republican Party) defending someone (Steve King) against calls of racism for 16 years straight, and then on year 16 you (The Republican Party) end up calling for that same person (Steve King) to resign because of racist remarks... WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT SAY ABOUT YOU?!... But for real though. What does that say about your judgement? Your ideology? You're character? Shit, what does that say about your skills of deduction??? Also, The Black Mannequin himself Bryan Walden stops by for part 2 of our interview, where he explains why he approaches his business with a hustlers motivation and style. He also gives us some fashion does and don'ts for the new year. Number 1 fashion "do", go to right now to get your drip!
BGP – EP 38 – Survival Of The Illest + Black Mannequin
This episode strikes a much more somber tone than usual. Guest host Shadow ( joins the show to have a serious discussion about the impact of the Lifetime docuseries Surviving R. Kelly is having on the culture as a whole. Then the Black Mannequin himself Bryan Walden joins the show for part 1 of his interview, and breaks down how he turned an idea and a passion into the hottest clothing brand in the Northwest.
BGP – EP 38 – Survival Of The Illest + Black Mannequin Bonus
BGP – Ep 37 – 2nd Annual BGP Awards
BGP – Ep 36 – Lock Him Up + I$$A Part 2
Well, we're off to an incredibly politically correct holiday season, so be careful what you wish for. President Trump must think Congress is full of Mexicans, because he keeps wishing they'd pay for that wall Mexico was suppose to pay for. The P.C Police wish that music, movies, and television were a little less "rapey" this time of year. We wished that I$$A would return for part 2 of his interview... and guess what? HE DID!
BGP – Ep 35 – Things That Make You Go Hmmm + Issa Part 1
We're back from our vacation and ready to get to work. In this episode we discuss two very different things that make us go hmmm ?. The culture of rappers snitching on themselves, and the Electoral College. You heard me. Then Vocab has the pleasure of sitting down with one of the most talented all around artist from the Northwest, Issa. In part 1 of this amazing interview Issa breaks down the absolutely insane circumstances that brought him to signing with musical idol Akon. This interview is truly for the dream chasers.
BGP – EP 34 – Hurricane Kanye + LC Lonely Child & Champagne James
BGP – Ep 33 – Cypher #5 + Cool Nutz
BGP – Ep 32 – #EverybodyToo + Cool Nutz
Burning nikes 2
BGP – Ep 31 – If The Shoe Fits, BURN IT + Hussein Al–Baiaty Part 2
John Mccain
BGP – Ep 30 – The Enemy Of The Statesman + Hussein Al–Baiaty pt.1
BGP Radio – Micheal Jackson Mix
BGP – Ep 29 – Identity Theft
BGP – Ep 28 – Raw And Uncut
Joker Pic
BGP – EP 27 – Broken Laughs + Lance Edward
BGP – Ep 26 – Murica + Roulette Delgado
BGP Exclusive – Zito 'Pick A Side' Video Release Interview ft. Yung Mil and Macc Milliaon
BGP – Ep 25 – Good Trump, Bad Trump + Mellenium
BGP – Ep 24 – The Death Of Objectivity + Juma Blaq
BROKEN GLASS PODCAST – EPISODE 23 with Grinchmobb & Miz-min
Broken Glass Podcast – Episode 23 Part 1
BROKEN GLASS PODCAST – EPISODE 23 with Grinchmobb & Miz-min
Broken Glass Podcast – Episode 23 Part 2
Broken Glass Podcast – Episode 22 – 420 Edition with Botanical Labs and Fire Flower
Broken Glass Podcast – Episode 21 – The Sit Down with Ben Braun
Broken Glass Podcast – Episode 20 – Nobody Cares.... Except Everybody
BGP Presents Vocab & Zito – Ep 1 – Guns N Roses
Broken Glass Podcast – Episode 19 – Still Clicking, Still Banging
Broken Glass Podcast – Episode 18 – Best Of Skits Vol.1
Click Click, Bang Bang
Broken Glass Podcast – Episode 16 – The R Word
Broken Glass Podcast – Episode 15 – Bama Bama No Bama
Broken Glass Podcast – Episode 14 – The Sit Down with Jae Lava, J Burns, And Zito
Broken Glass Podcast – 13 – Noah Schultz Interview
Broken Glass Podcast
Broken Glass Podcast – Episode 12 – Smile For Your Mugshot
Broken Glass Podcast
Broken Glass Podcast – Episode 11 – To Wall, Or Not To Wall?
Broken Glass Podcast
Broken Glass Podcast – Episode 10 – Deja Vu
Broken Glass Podcast – Episode 9 – The Sit Down with Mighty & Fabian Jon
Broken Glass Podcast
Broken Glass Podcast – Episode 8 – Redistribution Of Health
Broken Glass Podcast
The Broken Glass Podcast – EPISODE 6 – The Confederacy In It's Own Words.
BROKEN GLASS PODCAST Cypher March '17 – Pt 3
BROKEN GLASS PODCAST Cypher March '17 – Pt 2
BROKEN GLASS PODCAST Cypher March '17 – Pt 1

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